I have achieved everything that I aimed to in the pursuit of starting my own tiling business. Both the trade skills and the business information you taught me have given me the confidence to go it alone.

David Caruth


QCF Tiling Courses

1 week course £355 (inc VAT)

2 week course £745 (inc VAT)

4 week course £1,530 (inc VAT)

All course material and tools are provided. There are no hidden costs.

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The way that working qualifications are accredited is changing. The Qualification Credit Framework - the QCF - is a new system aimed to be more responsive to the needs of employers and learners. QCF courses are intended to be more relevant to employers requirements and friendlier to learners.

The QCF is a framework for setting up and accrediting qualifications such as our tiling courses, decorating courses and plastering courses.

How The QCF Works

QCF is the new framework for the creation and validation of qualifications in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is aimed at the way in which learners gain qualifications, to present them with a better range of opportunities in a more convenient way than the present NVQ system.

Because QCF courses are designed in part by the employers themselves, you can be more secure that the skills which the courses teach are relevant to the job itself and a that you will be learn skills which an employer is looking for in new employees.

What QCF courses Do

The QCF courses:

  • Allow smaller stages of learning, and give learners the chance to build up qualifications bit by bit.
  • Help learners gain skills and qualifications that are directly relevant to industry needs
  • Enable working training courses to be nationally validated.
  • Allow easier cross-reference of qualifications from one European nation to another, via the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Visit the QDCA website for more information about QCF courses